Ideas and Tools To Start and Build Your Profitable House Cleaning Business

Whether you’re just starting out or have been cleaning for a while, you can find ideas and tools to start and build your own house cleaning business.

What You Need To Start & Build Your House Cleaning Business

US State Laws

Use this full map of US state and city laws to help you:

  • Apply for a business name
  • Get a business license
  • Register to pay taxes

Just click on the map to find your state and get started.

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Cleaning Business Start-Up

Start your sole proprietor or partnership cleaning business strong with a registered business name, the necessary licenses and tax registration in your city, county or state.

Includes articles on how to get cleaning experience and your first cleaning business customers.

Plus what you need to know about business insurance and setting up a bank account.

Cleaning Business Systems & Services

Ways to make your residential cleaning business better. Ideas on everything from extra services to offer your customers to how to pay your taxes on time, in full and stay out of trouble.

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Meet Judith

Hi, I’m Judith.

I’ve run my own house cleaning company for over 25 years.

I’ve served many of my current customers for more than 20 years, through births, deaths, earthquakes and economic recessions.

I’ve gone through the same things you go through everyday…

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