Supercharge Your Cleaning Business Flyers

Electrify your cleaning business flyer.
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Businesses have been using printed paper flyers for over a century. Since flyers have been around so long, cleaning business start-ups and seasoned veterans alike often overlook flyers as an effective means of marketing their businesses and generating leads.

It is easy to assume a marketing method so old no longer works. You may have used flyers in the past. Once.

You trudged from house to house sticking flyers somewhere on the front entryway. You never got a single nibble from any of those houses. So now you “know” flyers don’t work—or do they?

Electrify Your Cleaning Business Flyers

In this video, Angela Brown of Ask A House Cleaner talks to Bobby Walker of TRT Pressure Washing in Orlando, Florida about how to supercharge your cleaning business flyers.

Walker reveals a bunch of tips and techniques that electrify your marketing flyers to new customers. Plus they don’t break your budget.

Don’t Miss Bobby Walker’s Terrific Tips

• what to put on flyers (2:47)
• how often to post flyers (7:05)
• where to place the flyers (8:48 )
• where to place social media ratings on flyers (12:00)

Go Deeper With QR Codes

Use a QR (Quick Response) code on your flyers and business cards to send prospective customers to your Facebook business page, email address or business website.

QR codes can be generated for free online, downloaded and added to flyers, business cards and door hangers. Anyone with a smartphone (iOS or Android) can scan the code and be linked to your website, social media, a video or even a voice message from you.

Here is an example of a QR code to a US map of state cleaning business laws. Try it out with your phone or tablet. Just open your phone’s camera, scan the image and see where it takes you. ↪︎

SeHC QR code.

Two places you can generate QR codes are: QR Code Generator and QRCode Monkey

Flyers Done Right

Flyers may be “old school” but they work if you are prepared to use them effectively and often. As Bobby Walker and Angela Brown pointed out, posting flyers to the same homes three times or more tells the people in your chosen neighborhoods that you are committed to getting their business.

If you have more time than money for marketing, flyers done right can help get your new cleaning business past square one.

Have you used flyers and door hangers for your cleaning business?  Share your experience in the comments below ⬇︎.

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